The Admiral Royds Trophy is awarded to the RNRURS Referee of the Year. It was presented to the Society by Lt Cdr G Ashton Jones RN, a former Chairman of the Society as thanks for all the support given over a most memorable refereeing career. It was first presented in 2007 and replaced the previous shield which unfortunately no longer had any more room for winners names.

Admiral Sir Percy Molyneux Rawson Royds CB CMG ADC was a former England international with three caps. As a Commander he was part of the group of officers who formed the very first committee of the Royal Navy Rugby Union in 1907.  In 1910 he was elected as the Navy Representative to the Rugby Football Union where he became President in 1927. He also served as President of the Royal Navy Rugby Union and the London Society of Referee for who he had a distinguished refereeing career. As a referee he was at the centre of a controversy during the 1924 Olympics when prior to the USA v France match (USA won 17-3) the americans objected to his appointment.

He wrote the History of the Laws of the Game an original copy of which forms part of the trophy.

A number of winners of the Admiral Royds trophy have officiated at the highest level in the game. Steve Harland has been a championship referee a level at which Tim Bailey regularly operates as an Assistant Referee, whilst Roger Baileff and Paul Burton have been assistant referees in the Premiership and Europe. In 2011 Jane Pizii became the first female recipient of the trophy as recognition of continued progress as a referee, being the senior female referee in the Services and being an official at the 2010 Women’s World Cup.

YearThe Admiral Royds TrophyColours
2022Tom Evans-Jones2019
2020Si Priestley2015
2019Tom Evans-Jones2019
2018Matt Turfrey2018
2017Si Aldridge
2016Duncan McClement2015
2015Steve Woolley2013
2014Duncan McClement2015
2013Duncan McClement2015
2012Ian Seaton2014
2011Jane Pizii
2010Gaz Fairbairn2011
2009Geoff Howells2011
2008Andy Coles2008
2007Roger Baileff2003
2006Gaz Fairbairn2011
2005Stew Kilby2006
2004Steve Harland1999
2003Stu Clark
2002John Large2004
2001Paul Burton2003
2000Tim Bailey2009
1999Bob Talbot
1998*Gerry Betteridge
1998*Tony Boyle
1997Paul Stinchcombe