The Inter Command competition was originally played for the Blakeney Cup.  It was a five way competition between the land based Commands of the Naval Service.  The 'sixth Command' ran their own cup competitions.  With the demise of the annual inter-port fixture between Devonport Services RFC and US Portsmouth RFC the RNRU found itself in a slight dilemma.  The inter-port match was played for the Inverdale Cup.  Named and played in honour of former Royal Navy Rugby Union Life Member Surg Capt (Dentist)  Inverdale RN - a great supporter of both clubs and also a former Honorary Secretary of the Royal Navy Rugby Union and also, in 1959 the Honorary Team Secretary for the Royal Navy RUgby Union Senior XV.  To keep the trophy alive it was decided that the annual Inter Command Tournament would in future be played for the Inverdale Trophy.

In October 2013 the Inter Command Competition's name was changed to the 'Royal Navy Rugby Union Inverdale Challenge Trophy'.  The names of the commands were also changed.  The Royal Marines were the only team to retain their name.  Naval Air reverted to the Fleet Air Arm whilst the three regional commands were renamed Royal Navy East, Royal Navy West and Royal Navy North.  In recent years the two strongest Commands have been the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Marines.  The two South Coast port areas have in some ways replaced the traditional rivalry of Devonport Services RFC and US Portsmouth RFC.  Neither Royal Navy West (formerly Plymouth Command)  nor Royal Navy East (Portsmouth Command) have been able to enjoy the continuity of playing base that has helped the Royal Marines and Naval Air in recent seasons.  With the major upheavals that has faced the Naval Service in Scotland it is hardly surprising that Royal Navy North (RN Scotland) have, at times, struggled to partake in the competition.  However whenever they have they have proved most capable and most importantly have provided a stage upon which a number of talented players have provided a timely nudge to watch Navy Rugby selectors.

In January 2014 for the final was moved from the US Portsmouth pitch to the 3G pitch at HMS Temeraire.  This was the first major game that the Royal Navy Rugby Union had played on an artificial pitch.

YearInverdale Challenge Trophy WinnersRunner UpScore
2023-24Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm45-26
2022-23Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm41-3
2021-22Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm29-15
2020-21Not Played for - Covid19
2019-20Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm32-16
2018-19Royal MarinesRN East39-10
2017-18Fleet Air ArmRN West29-7
2016-17Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm30-22
2015-2016Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm28-12
2014-2015Fleet Air ArmRN West40-22
2013-2014Royal MarinesFleet Air Arm31-15
2012-2013Royal MarinesNaval Air Command25 - 6
2011-2012Naval Air CommandRoyal Marines11 - 9
2010-2011Royal Marines Naval Air Command24 - 10
2009-2010Naval Air CommandRoyal Marines
2008-2009Royal Marines
2007-2008Naval Air Command
2006-2007Naval Air Command
2005-2006Royal Marines
2004-2005Plymouth Command
2003-2004Naval Air Command
2002-2003Royal Marines
2001-2002Naval Air Command
2000-2001Plymouth Command
1999-2000Portsmouth Command
1998-1999Portsmouth Command
1997-1998Royal Marines
1996-1997Portsmouth Command