T. T. L. Lewin

Born 19 November 1920, Dover, England
Died 23 January 1999, Ufford, England


237th player to be capped by the Royal Navy Rugby Union
4 caps
Played against the Army in 1947, 1948
Played against the Royal Air Force 1947, 1948


Inter Service Record

Played 4 Won 1 Drew 1 Lost 2
Inter Service Titles 0

1947 Royal Navy 11 Army 19
1947 Royal Navy 6 Royal Air Force 6
1948 Royal Navy 9 Army 8
1948 Royal Navy 11 Royal Air Force 16


Not Known



Naturally a huge amount has been written about Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin KG GCB LVO DSC most of which provide an excellent synopsis of his Naval career.  However he was also the longest serving President of the Royal Navy Rugby Union, one of only three Presidents who have also played for the Royal Navy.  Below I have included photographs of his Royal Navy Rugby Union Cap and playing jersey, which are part of the National Maritime Museum Collection.

A good summary of his career was printed in the obituary of Lord Lewin by the Independent.

He stood down as President of the Royal Navy Rugby Union at the Annual General Meeting held on 1st March 1985.  Captain Mike Pearey, as Chairman of the RNRU said these words:

Our President has made mention of many who have given much to Navy Rugby.  But of course his contribution has been greater than any ones, and this is the last occasion on which he will preside at our AGM.

Capped on the wing for Hampshire and the Royal Navy just after the War, Terry Lewin has remained an enthusiastic supporter ever since.  Traditionally, the President of the RNRU was always the Second Sea Lord.  However, such was Terry Lewin’s enthusiasm that, in 1972, when he was VCNS, the RNRU invited him to take on the job.  He has been our President ever since, despite demanding jobs as CinCFleet, CinCNavHome, First Sea Lord and CDS.  HIs interest never waned, his support has been immense, and we are very sorry that he now feels it right that he should relinquish office.  I know I speak for you all, and all involved with Navy Rugby, when I say to Lord Lewin and to Lady Lewin: ‘Thank you for all your support and friendship through the years.  Good luck for the future, and we hope to see you, certainly at TWickenham in the future, and perhaps at Cambridge too.  Whenever you can make it you will be assured of the warmest welcomes’.”

Lord Lewin’s Royal Navy Rugby Union Cap – Image Courtesy of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


Lord Lewin’s Playing Jersey from 1948 – Image Courtesy of National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Lord Lewin’s Playing Shirt from 1948 (reverse) – Image Courtesy of National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


The Royal Navy team as it appeared in the 1948 match programme. Lieutenant T. T. Lewin plays on the right wing with scottish international W. D. McLennan on the left.