The referee newcomer of the year award was first presented in 2004. It is awarded to the referee who has made the biggest impact to the Society in the earliest stages of their refereeing career.

Though the trophy is a relatively new trophy former winner Andy Cole has already progressed to be a dual winner having later been awarded the Admiral Royds trophy.

YearReferee Newcomer of the YearColours
2022Mark Scoular
2020Kev Lewis
2019Dan Thurgood
2018Steve Bartlett
2017Simon Long
2016David Martin
2015Simon Priestley
2014Matt Turfrey
2013Dave Prentice
2012Steve Overvoode
2011Donald Doull
2010Emma Ward
2009Wolfie Power
2008Matt Kiernan
2007Duncan McClement2015
2006G 'Tiny' Homes
2005Andy Coles2008
2004Rich Whelan2006