YearReferee's Treasurer
2010 - Lt Jane Pizii RN
2004-2010Cdr Roger Baileff RN
1998-2004Cdr John Large RN
?-1998Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones RN

Appointment Secretary

Appointments are now done on a Combined Services basis but before that the Navy ran two local appointment secretaries based in Portsmouth (nowArea 3) and Plymouth (now Area 1).  In those early years the more prestigious exchange appointments were done by the Secretary.  Today the Combined Services Rugby Referees Federation appoint to nearly all of the major Service games although the RNRURS does input in to who it feels should officiate at the various levels of Army v RAF matches.  I believe that Tania Ashton Jones, who for one year covered Area 3, is the only non referee to have held an official position in the RNRURS.  Let me know if you know differently.

Area Appointment Secretary (One)

YearReferee's Area Appointment Secretary (1)
2013-15WO1 Gaz Fairbairn
2012-13Lt Jane Pizii RN
2009-2012Mr Bob Morrison
2007-2009Lt Cdr Andy Watts RN
2006-2007CPO Stu Clarke
1996-2006Mr Steve Harland
?-1996WO Ken Dobson


Area Appointment Secretary (Three)

YearReferee's Area Appointment Secretary (3)
2014-2015Sgt S Davies ARURS
2011-2014Mr Si Aldridge
2009-2011Lt Cdr Matt Keirnan RN
2005-2009Lt Cdr Andy Nelson RN
2003-2005CPO Ian Pirie
2000-2003CPO Paul Burton
1998-2000CCWEA (Lt Cdr) Tim Bailey
1997-1998Mrs Tania Ashton Jones
-1997CPO Al Denham
1994-?CPO Chris Haywood
Peter Cunningham


Public Relations

YearReferee's Public Relations
2012 - Lt Cdr Duncam McClement RN
2007-2012Lt Cdr Phil Thorton RN
2004-2007Cdr Stew Kilby RN

Kit Sales

YearReferee's Haberdashery
2012 - Lt Cdr Andy Harrison RN
2009-2012WO1 Geoff Howells
2005-2009Lt Cdr Andy Nelson RN
2004-2007CPO Stu Clarke
Lt Cdr (Cdr) Roger Baileff RN
1997Lt Cdr (Cdr) John Large RN
1990-1997Lt (Lt Cdr) Geraint Ashton Jones RN

Dinner Secretary

It would be wrong to simply list the Society’s Dinner Secretaries in a table.  In the early years of Society dinners they alternated between Plymouth and Portsmouth.  WO Ken Dobson was the organiser of proceedings in Plymouth and helped create the unique ambiance that became associated with the RNRURS Annual Dinner. In Portsmouth the dinners were organised by Lt Cdr Peter Cunningham RN who brought a special talent to providing an evening that was relaxed, convivial and full of special memories.  With a changing society and indeed the Society is always changing the formal dinner has lapsed but from the first dinner in 1986 there were many very special evenings.

For a brief period the Society had a Membership Secretary but this is now incorporated in to the Secretary’s role. Up until 1991 Cdr Andrew Dent RN was the RNRURS Membership Secretary.