A list of Secretaries of the Royal Navy Rugby Union Referee's Society

YearReferee's Secretary
2012 - WO Geoff Howells
2003-2012Lt Cdr Tim Bailey RN
1998-2003Cdr John Large RN
1996 - 1998Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones
1992-1996Cdr Chris Thomas RN
1988-1992Lt Cdr Derek Rowland RN
1979-1987Cdre Roger Parker RN
1969-79Inst Capt R K Alcock RN
1966-1969Inst Lt Cdr I D Lewis RN
1964-1966Cdr I A Scrymgeour-Wedderburn RN
1963-1964Cdr J A Hassard-Short RN
1960-1963Lt Cdr P J M Canter DSC RN
1958-1960Inst Capt W A Watts OBE RN
1956-1958Surg Cdr C L T McClintock RN
1955-1956Cdr M A L Coopper MBE RN
1951-1955Capt D A Cotman RN
1949-1951Surg Cdr (D) S R Wallis LDS RN
1948-1949Commander (S) H C Lyddon RN
1947-1948Commander W G Parry RN
WWIIThe RNRU reformed under emergency committee in 1945 and formal elections were held for RNRU posts in 1946 but the referees were not 'revived' until 1947
1937-1939Commander N V Dickinson DSC RN
1935-1937Commander C C Hardy RN
1933-1935Commander H G Hopper RN
1930-1933Commander J B E Hall RN
Prior to this date the sub committee are listed. The sub committee continued to be listed for a number of years after the post of Secretary of the Sub Committee was separately annotated.
1929-1930Lieutenant Commander E S K Evans Greaves RN, Lieutenant W H Wood RN, Lieutenant H W V Stephenson RN
1928-1929Lieutenant Commander E S K Evans Greaves RN, Lieutenant Commander C F Hallaran RN, Lieutenant H W V Stephenson RN
1927-1928Lieutenant Commander L H Bayley RN, Reverend W K Knight-Adkin RN, Engineer Commander G D Campbell DSO RN