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The table below is still under research but lists those who have served as Secretaries of the Royal Navy Rugby Union.  The Honorary Secretary used to act as touch judge at the Inter Service match before this role was subsumed by the Royal Navy Rugby Union Referees Society.  Below this table is some information of three key administrators of the Rugby Football Union who were Navy Rugby member
YearNavy Rugby Secretaries
2023-Mrs Ruth Standbridge
2021-2023Major Tony King
2007-2021Commander Alan Church Royal Navy
2005-2007Lieutenant Commander Paul Dunn Royal Navy
1994-2005Lieutenant Commander Clive Lambshead Royal Navy
1988-1994Lieutenant Commander Harry Brickwood Royal Navy
1983-1988Lieutenant Commander Roy Stokes Royal Navy
1974-1983Commander J Mike Vernon Royal Navy
1973-1974Captain John Jacobsen Royal Navy
1970-1973Instructor Captain Alun Meredith Royal Navy
1966-1970Instructor Captain M A Waller Royal Navy
1964-1966Captain A R Aldous Royal Navy
1961-1964Surgeon Commander (D) John B Inverdale Royal Navy
1960-1961Captain D H Callaghan AMIMechE Royal Navy
1956-1960Commander R J L (Wally) Hammond Royal Navy
1954-1956Captain (S) Ronald V Brockman CSI CIE CBE Royal Navy
1953-1954Commander (S) C B Hinde Royal Navy
1951-1953Captain (S) Ronald V Brockman CSI CIE CBE Royal Navy
1948-1951Surgeon Captain (D) L B (Ginger) Osborne LDS Royal Navy
1946-1948Lieutenant Commander J W Forrest Royal Navy
1945-1946Commander H L Gilbert Royal Navy
1938-1939Paymaster Commander FR J Mack Royal Navy
1936-1938Commander P.B.W. William-Powlett Royal Navy
1935-1936Commander H G Hopper Royal Navy
1933-1935Engineer Commander H Bleackley MVO Royal Navy
1933Commander Cecil A Kershaw Royal Navy
1929-1933Engineer Captain M G A Edwards OBE Royal Navy
1929Engineer Captain Sydney P Start Royal Navy
1926-1929Rev E G Bird MA Royal Navy
1925-1926Construction Lieutenant Commander W J A (Dave) Davies Royal Navy
1921-1925Engineer Lieutenant Commander C J G MacKenzie Royal Navy
1913-1921Lieutenant Colonel H D Farquharson Royal Marines
1910-1913Engineer Lieutenant Ernest W Roberts Royal Navy
1907Surgeon G M Levick

RFU Administrators


Eng Cdr S F Coopper RN

Syndey Coopper was the third Secretary of the RFU and was a former England International having played for England on seven occasions between 1900 and 1907.  Though he played rugby for the RN Engineering College he played most of his career for Blackheath.  When playing for Blackheath he earned the nickname 'The Jumping Wing'.  He also won two caps for the Navy but these were after his International career had finished, in 1909 and 1910.  He served on the Devon Rugby Union Committee from 1922-1923 as the Devonport Services representative.  He was Secretary of the RFU from 1924 until the end of the 1946-1947 season.  It seems that he was also the Secretary for the 1930 British Lions as the original 'draft' selections went out under his signature. (as detailed in the book 125 Years of the British Lions- The Official History)

Cdr Roger Godfrey RN

Roger Godfrey was the RFU's senior administrator under the long standing RFU Secretary Dudley Wood. He played an important and influential role in the 1990 negotiations with Home Office following the report in to the Hillsborough tragedy. It was partially through his sensible stewardship that stadium regulations for rugby reflected the long standing respect for each other than rugby fans have long had and the fact that segregation was not in force or ever likely to be needed in the foreseeable future.

Capt Tony Hallett RN

Tony Hallett was the last Secretary of the RFU and the first CEO. He was in post when the Game went professional, albeit only for a month. His two year tenure was probably the most dramatic in terms of change that the RFU has witnessed. It started with a serious rift between the RFU's playing captain (Will Carling) and the RFU, it involved the advent of european competition and also the final acceptance (over a number of RFU 'dead' bodies) that the game would become professional. It was ironic that this change was overseen by a former Navy man because the three Services and long held a dispensation to play professional players (Members of the RFC had basically ignored the RFU's regulation in and around the First World War.

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