The page lists all the players who have ever represented the Royal Navy Rugby Union in a designated capped match.

The Royal Navy Rugby Union first made the decision to award caps at their Annual General Meeting held at the Metropole Hotel, London on 28 August 1910.  Minute 13 stated:

"It was decided that in future 'Caps' be [given] to each player who represents R.N. v Army on the first occasion.  From this date that further dates be added to the cap at the holder's expense."  

Though not explicit in the minute the records show that the award of caps was made retrospectively back to the first match played in February 1907.  Those original caps had the date of the match embroidered inside the cap and many of the players added their subsequent capped matches.

Originally caps were just awarded for the match against the Army.  When the Royal Air Force started playing matches in the Inter Service tournament of 1920 caps were not awarded to this game.  At their meeting held on 2 February 1921 it was discussed and the following minute recorded:

"The the Royal Navy Cap should only be given players taking part in the NAVY v ARMY Match"

The position had changed by the 16th September 1921 meeting when the minutes recorded the following proposal from Capt Percy Royds (Seconded by Rear Admiral Phillpotts):

"That a Navy Cap be given for the Royal Air Force Match and that Rule 15, last paragraph, be altered to read: A cap shall be presented to each player who represents the Navy against the Army or Royal Air Force on the first occasion: any further dates to which the holder becomes entitled shall be added at his own expense."

The motion was carried unanimously and it is believed that this change in position was in essence instigated by King George V making his wishes well known within Naval circles.

In 2011 the Royal Navy Rugby Union started to award Senior XV caps for matches against Marine Nationale.  The fixtures against the French had first started in 2005 and quickly established their place in Royal Navy's fixture list.

There is one other game that it is known that caps were awarded.  On 18th December 1945 the Royal Navy played the New Zealand Army a match they lost 3-6.  The Royal Navy Rugby Union awarded caps for this match.  It is currently believed to have been a one off occurrence.  The game only featured one player who had been capped before the war, this was the captain R J L Hammond.  Currently the reason why this game was given capped status is unknown but it was the first match of the reconvened Royal Navy Rugby Union after the end of World War II.

The current table of all those players capped at Senior XV level is currently being re-worked having uncovered further information which once more challenges the accuracy of some of the Royal Navy Rugby Union's records. When these have been assessed a revised table will be produced. In the mean time if further information is required then please contact Alligin Photography.

Geraint Ashton Jones July 2017


Barden G - won his first caps under the surname Morgan

Fleckney J - won his first caps under the surname Foster


In May 2018 Alligin Photography completed an audit of the list of capped players who had represented the Royal Navy Rugby Union.  This was due in large part to new information received after the publication of the book commemorating 100 Years of Army Navy Rugby.  It has currently been decided not to publish this list but extracts are available to researchers and to those who think they may on it.  Please contact Alligin Photography for further details.

Geraint Ashton Jones August 2018