The Royal Navy Women first played the Marine Nationale Feminines in a twelve a side match on the pitch outside the Wardroom of HMS Drake.  It had hoped to play the first fixture the year before in Toulon but logistically this had proved to difficult.  With the first fixture played the following year the match was played in Toulon and the fixture was a full XV-a-side match.  The Marine Nationale were comfortable winners of this first, historic fixture, but most importantly it was a great occasion and one which should hopefully continue for many years to come.  Though the margin of victory was closer when the teams met at Portsmouth, in 2013, it was still the French backline that caught the eye.  In 2015 the match was elevated to cap status for the Royal Navy Women and contributed to the four capped matches they had to play before being formally capped.

The 2017 fixture was note able for the first Red Card in the series between the two sides and also the Royal Navy's closest result.  Restricting the margin of victory to 18 points.  

Geraint Ashton Jones - July 2017

YearResultRN v Marine Nationale
16 Mar 24MN (11) 34-5Stade de la Rabine, Vannes (n/a) Swain L [1 x T] New Caps: Baker A, Abel J Team: Baker, Bythell, Honeybell, Fifita, Mealy, Swain, Critchley Peddle, Bryan, Newton Goodwin, Lumsden, Sinclair, McLaughlin, Cole, Abel Reps: Staples, Addis, Dilmore, McIntyre, Thorpe, Wright, Dixon (C), Parnaby
15 Mar 23MN (10) 27-5Plymouth Albion RFC (350) Cole H [1 x T] New Caps: Pearce A, Gibb B, Biutanaseva O, Shaw J, Swain L, Gavan K, Cole H, Lumsden D Team: Staples, Addis, Honeybell, Sondack, Mealy, Critchely Peddle, Bythell, Pearce, Perry, Sopp, Ashby, Badger McLaughlin, Gibb, Dixon (C) Reps: Gavam Swain, Bloxham, Biutanaseva, Shaw, Cole, Alderson, Lumsden
12 Mar 22MN (9) 34-7Stade de la Rabine, Vannes (n/a) Alderson S [1 x T, 1 x C], New Caps: Addis R, Sinclair R, Musgrave M, Perry R, McLaughlin S, Badger S, Bestwick R, Sopp C, Addison-Prout H Team: Ives, Addis, Honeybell, Sondack, Smale, Bythell, Sinclair, Musgrave, Perry, Goodwin, McLaughlin, Badger, Dixon, Ashby (C), Bestwick Reps: Park, Addison-Prout, Mealy (not used), Pearce (not used), Critchley-Peddle, Sopp, Staite, Alderson
20 Mar 19MN (8) 25-3HMS Drake [~] Alderson S [1 x P] New Caps: Honeybell L, Maxwell E, Stillman P, Flowers G, Bloxham E, Bythell E Team: Dixon R *(C), Sillman P, Alderson S *, Maxwell E, Carragher R *, Jenkins S *, Critchley O *, Fredrickson C *, McINtyre A-M *, Dilmore R *, Sondack A *, Kightley A * Honeybell L, Park E *, Ives K * Reps: Bloxham E, Buchanan E (not used) Bythelll E, Green (not used) Flowers G, Adams L (Not used), Coles S (not used) Ashby A *
4 Apr 18MN (7) 67-0Stade Leo Lagrange [400] Ives, Park, Fredrickson, Gilbertson, Howard, Coles, Mealy, Stevenson, Critchley, Jenkins, Staite, Goodwin, Ashby, Powell, Alderson (Capt) Reps Parkman, Sondack, Carragher (not used), Tuivaga, Elvidge, Marlor, Swinton, Till (not used)
23 Mar 17MN (6) 35-7HMS Drake [~] Fredrickson, Hargrave, Powell [1xT], Alderson [1 x C] Team List: Pippa Hutchinson, Emily Park, Pam Williams-Wilson, Abi Gilbertson, Helen Stevenson, Fiesha Greene, Charlotte Fredrickson (C), Stacey Hargrave, Olivia Critchley, Isobel Rawlinson, Drew Powell, Sarah Jenkins, Nicola Evidge, Bex Andrews, Sam Alderson Replacements: Alice Kightley, Kiera Gavan, Lorraine Osman, Rhiannon Dilmore, Katie Ives, Kirsty Marlor, Megan Lunn, Billi Staite. Replacements used: Kiera Gavan for Pam Williams-Wilson, Alice Kightley for Abi Gilbertson, Kirsty Marlor for Bex Andrews and Billi Staite for Drew Powell
23 Mar 16MN (5) 34-3Stade Leo Lagrange [400] Worsfold (1xP) A-M McIntyre (31), Tuivaga (32), Dilmore (33) 1st caps. RN Team: Hutchinson, Kightley *, Parkman *, McIntyre, Stevenson *, Bannard, Fredrickson (Capt) *, Hargrave *, Critchley *, Worsfold, Collyer, Greene *, Tuivaga, Rowley, Blagden Reps: Williams-Wilson *, Howard, Gleghorn, Martin, Dilmore, Sandack
1 Apr 15MN (4) 27-3US Portsmouth RFC [250] Alderson (1xP) A Kightly [23], K Marlor [24], A Marshall [25] new caps RN Team: P Williams-Wilson *, A Kightley, A Sadler, A-M McIntyre, H Stephenson *, P Hutchinson, C Fredrickson *, S Hargrave *, O Critchley *, S Alderson *, E Grant, L Morton (Capt) *, E Swinton *, M Landsman, I Rawlinson Reps: N Williams, R Dilmore, A Marshall, T Tuivaga, K Marlor, I Brown
19 Mar 14MN (3) 50 - 0Stade Leo Lagrange [500] RN Team P WIllimas-WIlson *, E Park (C), K Parkman, C Penrose *, S Mitchell, C Fredrickson, E Bloor, S Hargrave, O Crtichley, S Alderson *, B Blagdon, F Morton, E Gant, B BRown, A Marshall Reps: A Risker, S Dockerty, P Bennett-Smith *, F Greene *, E Swinton *
3 Apr 2013MN(2) 48-3US Portsmouth RFC [100] S Alderson [1xP] Team: P Williams *, E Park, L Christie, C Penrose, K Braodbere, Z Beer, H Stevenson, S Hargrave, O Chrichley, S Jenkins *, K Marlor, C Fredrickson (C)*, L Morton *, C Oakes, E Swinton * Reps: K Briggs, A Saddler, A Kightley, K Ives, F Greene, S Alderson, R Deacon
11 Apr 2012MN (1) 60 - 5Stade Jaureguiberry, Toulon E Atkins [1xT] Team: E Park, C Lewis +, E Atkins, C Penrose, A Marshall, S Hargrave, C Fredrickson, H Leach, L Morton, S Jenkins, V Thomas, E Swinton *, F Greene, E Marner, L Vakuruivalu Reps: R Sharp, P Bennett-Smith, B Brown (White), S Mitchell
31 Mar 2011MN 45 - 0HMS Drake [~300] 12-a-side match