The Royal Navy first 'Inter Service' rugby match was against the RAF in 2002.  The RAF who had played the Army the year before, won this match18-5 in a game controlled by their flyhalf.  The following year saw the dawn of the Women's Inter Service Championship to run alongside the Men's Championship.  The first ever win for the Royal Navy in this new competition was in 2005.  In 2014 the RN Women beat the RAF Women 17-6, this was not only their highest score in the competition but also levelled the series with the RAF at 6 wins each.

This was the first occasion that the RN(W) had not been behind in the Inter Services competition of head to head matches.  However since drawing level in 2014 the RAF Women have produced a number of dominant performances to regain the series lead, including a record breaking score in 2017.

Geraint Ashton Jones - July 2017

YearRN v RAF
2024RAF (14) 12-34Plymouth Albion RFC [?] Penalty, Addis [1xT] New Cap: Moore F Team: Staples, Addis, Honeybell, McIntyre, Mealy, Swain, Sinclair, Bryan, Newton, Alderson, Critchely Peddle, Dixon (C), McLaughlin, Parnaby, Abel Reps: Baker, Bythell, Fifita, Dilmore, Moore, Goodwin, Thorpe, Ashby
2023RAF (13) 17-10Plymouth Albion RFC [?] Sinclair [1xT] Sopp [1xP, 1xC] J Parnaby [New Cap] Team: Staples, Addis, Honeybell, Sondack, Mealy, Critchely Peddle, Sinclair, Swain Perry, Sopp, Ashby, Badger Dixon (C), Gibb, Alderson Reps: Gavan, Bloxham, Biutanaseva, Bythell, Pearce (Not Used), Parnaby, Maxwell, McLaughlin
2022RAF (12) 32-15Ealing Trailfinders [1000] McLaughlin, Bryan [1xT] Alderson [1xC, 1xP] J Bryan [New Cap] Team: Staples, Addis, Honeybell, McIntyre, Sondack, Bythell, Musgrave, Bryan, Perry, Alderson, McLaughlin, Badger, Dixon (C), Ashby, Goodwin Reps: Park, Addison-Prout, Ives, Mealy, Smale, Critchley Peddle, Maxwell, Staite
2021N/ANot Played Covid19
2020N/ANot Played Covid19
2019RAF (11) 67-3Twickenham Stoop [~600] Alderson [1xP] A Reid [New Cap] Royal Navy Womens Team: Kaite Ives*, Emily Park*, Lucy Honeybell*, Alice Kightley*, Anne-Marie McIntyre*, Hannah Cole*, Abbi Reid, Charlie Fredrickson*, Olivia Critchley*, Sarah Jenkins*, Billie Staite*, Emma Maxwell*, Sam Alderson*, Rachael Carragher*, Rose Dixon* (Capt) Reps: Ellen Bloxham, Rhiann Dilmore, Abigail Sondack, Elona Bythell, Izzy Rawlinson, Gemma Flowers, Lilly Adams, Poppy Stillman
2018RAF (10) 53-3Twickenham Stoop [~500] Alderson [1xP] H Till [New Cap 48] Royal Navy Women Team: Emily Park *, Alice Kightley *, Kate Parkman *, Emily Howard *, Abi Gilbertson *, Loz Salisbury *, Charlotte Fredrickson *, Helen Stevenson *, Olivia Critchley * Sarah Jenkins *, Billi Staite *, Cheryl Goodwin *, Nic Elvidge *, Emma Swinton *, Sam Alderson * Reps: (all used) Katie Ives *, Abi Sondack *, Hannah Cole *, Yvonne Mealy *, Kirsty Marlor *, Tara Tuivaga *, Holly Till, Drew Powell *
2017RAF (9) 72-0RAF Halton [350] S Bannard [New Cap 36] I Rawlinson [New Cap 37] RN Team: eam List: Pam Williams-Wilson, Aimee Risker-Woods, Emily Park, Helen Stevenson, Anne-Marie McInytre, Sam Bannard, Charlotte Fredrickson (c), Stacey Hargrave, Kirsty Marlor, Sarah Jenkins, Drew Powell, Nicola Elvidge, Isobel Rawlinson, Ollie Critchley, Sam Alderson Replacements: Kiera Gavan, Pippa Hutchinson, Kate Parkman, Alice Kightley, Fiesha Greene, Bex Andrews, Abi Gilbertson, Billi Staite. -
2016RAF (8) 47-0USSG Portsmouth [400] RN Women Team: Pip Hutchinson (1st cap), Emily Park *, Kate Parkman *, Annemarie McIntyre *, Helen Stevenson *, Sam Bannard, Charlie Fredrickson (C) *, Stacey Hargrave *, Oli Critchley *, Sam Alderson *, Billi Staite, Sarah Jenkins (VC) *, Fiesha Greene *, Emma Swinton *, Louise Worsfold Reps: Pam Williams-Wilson * for Pippa Hutchinson, Sophia Dockerty for Emily Park, Alice Kightley * for Helen Stevenson, Rhiann Dilmore * for Kate Parkman, Kirsty Marlor * for Billi Staite, Elieen Tuivaga * for Feisha Greene, Holly Greenaway (not used) , Abi Sondack for Sam Bannard
2015RAF (7) 55-15RAF Halton [300] Morton, Fredrickson, Alderson[1xT] Grant (26), Critchley (27) [1st Caps] Royal Navy Team: P Williams-Wilson *, A Kightley *, V Percival *, A Marshall *, N Williams, C Fredrickson *, H Stevenson *, A-M McIntyre, K Marlor *, S Alderson *, E Grant, N Elvidge, L Morton *, E Swinton *, O Critchley Reps: K Parkman, Collins, R Dilmore, I Brown, T Tuivaga, M Battesby
2014RN (6) 17-6US Portsmouth RFC [400], Greene, Alderson, Morton L [1xT], Alderson [1xC] E Park (18), S Hargrave (19) [1st cap] Royal Navy Team: P Williams-Wilson *, E Park, K Parkman, C Penrose, S Hargrave, A Saddler, C Fredrickson *, H Stevenson, O Critchley, S Jenkins * (C), E Swinton *, L Morton * *, F Morton, F Greene *, S Alderson * Reps Used: A Risker, V Percival, P Bennett-Smith *, N Williams, V Elvidge, E grant Reps Not Used: M Landman
2013RN(5) 10 - 3RAF Halton [200] Morton, Fredrickson [1xT] Royal Navy Team: P Williams-Wilson *, E Park, L Christie, C Penrose, S Hargrave, C Fredrickson (C) *, H Stevenson, P Bennett-Smith, L Morton *, S Jenkins *, C Oakes, F Greene *, S Alderson, E Swinton *, H Ing Reps: A Risker, K Ives, A Kightly, K Broadbere, Z Beer, K Marlor, B Staite
2012RN (4) 7 - 5US Portsmouth RFC S Mitchell [1xT] L Valuruivalu [1xC] F Green (7) [1st cap] Team: Pam Williams *, Emily Park, Emily Atkins, Caroline Penrose, Stacey Hargrave, Charlie Fredrickson (c), Charlie Lewis +, Helen Leach, Lauren Morton, Sarah Jenkins, Erin Marner, Lavinia Vakuruivalu, Feisha Green, Bonnie White, Caroline Oakes Reps: Paula Bennett-Smith (Atkins), Sarah Mitchell (Leach) Reps Not USed: Emma Swinton *, Lisa Christie, Becky Sharp
2011RAF (6) 26 - 0Newbury RFC
2010RN (3) 14 - 11US Portsmouth RFC Straker [1xT] Alderson [1 x T, 2 x C]
2009RAF (5) 36 - 0Newbury RFC
2008RAF (4) 23 - 10US Portsmouth RFC
2007RAF (3) 17 - 10Newbury RFC
2006RN (2) 13 - 5US Portsmouth RFC
2005RN (1) 10 - 5Newbury RFC
2004RAF (2) 7 - 5Devonport Services RFC
2003RAF (1) ? - ?Newbury RFC
2002 (Freindly)RAF 18 - 5US Portsmouth RFC

* - capped players

+ - Internationals