The Trophy for the most improved Women's Player.  Introduced in 2011 the first award winner was Caroline Penrose.  The following year the trophy was awarded to Emily Park who in 2013 went on to win the Players Player trophy and then in 2019 the Roger Sheratt Trophy.  Emily remains the only player to have won all three major trophies in Navy Womens Rugby.


Updated July 2019


Most Improved Player


Year Name
2024 Jasmine Abel
2023 Laika Swain
2022 Sian McLaughlin
2019 El Bythell
2018 Billie Staite
2017 Drew Powell
2016 Kate Parkman
2015 Alice Kightley
2014 Lizzy Grant
2013 Amy Risker
2012 Emily Park
2011 Caroline Penrose