The table below is a list of those players who have been captain of the Royal Navy Rugby Union's Women XV. There are still some gaps which hopefully will be completed before too long.

YearRoyal Navy Women's XV CaptainNo of Caps & Cap No.
2018-19AB R Dixon/49
2017-2018PO S Alderson/15
2015-2017Lt C Fredrickson/8
2013-2015POET(WE) S Jenkins / 12
2011-2013Lt C Fredrickson / 8
2009-2011Lt V Percival2 / 1
2008LAET P Williams-Wilson (Army) 6 / 6 (PWW)
2008CPO(CIS) P Bennett-Smith (RAF)3 / 14 (PBS)
2007CPO(CIS) P Bennett-Smith3 / 14
2006LPT J West
2005PO(CIS) P Bennett-Smith3 / 14
2004LPT W Briggs
2003POWtr L Morgan
2001-2002CPO(WE) C Fuzzard
1999-2000LWtr J Pizzi

With thanks to Paula Bennett-Smith for collating the information from the early years.